Gold contests are the contests that require gold for participating. Moreover, the participants are also entitled to winning gold coins when they join such a game.
The very first step of participating in any given contest of fantasy cricket is to register yourself for the same. You can opt for any given application present in the Google Play or Apple Store. Once you have downloaded the application, get on with the registration and participate in a given match by depositing money into your account. The detailed process of joining a fantasy cricket match is explained below:
  • Choosing a Match - Once you successfully verify yourself, you’ll be landed to the home page of the application. The home page comprises a number of upcoming matches, provided with details on the pool amount and entry fees. Select the matches that suits you the best.
  • Creating a Team - Post the selection of the match of your choice, the next step is to create your dream team. A fantasy cricket match provides you with an opportunity to test your understanding of the game by selecting the right order of players. Proper selection of players is the key to winning any contest.
  • Cash Contests - After the successful creation of a team, you need to be depositing a certain amount of entry-level fee to participate in the contest. You can either place your bets based on a specified budget or can participate in Practice Contests. 
  • Track Your Progress - The successful completion of all the listed steps leads you to the final match. Once your formed team gets into the match, you can keep a track of their performance via the scorecard and contest Leaderboard where you rank keeps getting updated.
Now that you are well-acquainted with the basics of joining the match, you should understand that there are various fantasy cricket applications that close their contests an hour before the start of the game. Lastly, at the end of the contest, your winning amounts are visible on the dashboard of the application that can be drawn after a certain interval through a one-time verification. 
No, You are not allowed to edit your team during the match.
Your team’s rank is displayed on the MyPowerPlay11 scoreboard from where you can also keep track of your fantasy scorecard, which represents your points.
MyPowerPlay11 has a strict rule with their deadlines before the beginning of a contest. Before the beginning of a contest, the set time is at ‘One hour; before the start time of an official match, all the featured sports. We don’t allow manipulation in the lineup or change in strategy after the respective match deadline. A strict policy for deadlines promotes a healthy environment and a fair competition to ensure a genuine playing field for all our users.
MyPowerPlay11 makes it easy for the users to have first hand information on the composition of every team playing in a selected contest. Users can easily have access to players’ information in a moment of 1-click, past the deadline. Tracking the competitors allows our contestants to keep track of competitors and stay tense free about changes made to any contestant's gameplay, post deadline!
There are two essential rules to understand before creating your playing XI in a game.
  • You can create a maximum of 7 fantasy teams for a given match and participate in contests with any of the teams in your fantasy league.
  • You can select between a combination of players as listed below:
Players MIn Max
Wicket Keeper (WKT) 1 4
Batsman (BAT)   3 6
All-Rounder (ALL) 1 4
Bowler (BOWL)  3 6

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