Our policies at MyPowerPlay11 look forward to promoting an honest and fair Fantasy Gaming platform for all our users alike. With a gameplay setup that is set in alignment with the Indian Constitution, we strive to provide an equal gaming experience to all our users and have a zero tolerance policy towards misconduct. Moreover, our gaming platform does not promote any act of cheating, gambling or betting of any sorts. We strive to make this ‘game of skill’ and deliver them the experience to play fantasy cricket online!
Fair Gaming Environment
Every individual participant in our platform is entitled to receive a similar budget of 100 credits, making it an equal opportunity for all. All the users of MyPowerPlay11 have access to a similar game format that complies with a similar rule across contests of every format. Thanks to the similar team formation strategy with similar number of players in every format (1 wicket keeper, 3 batsmen, 3 bowler and 3 all-rounder), there is equal play for every participant.

Fixed Credits
It should be known by every user of MyPowerPlay11 that we don’t set different credit limits for individual players. The number of gold coins required to join or form a team is fixed locked for each particular contest and match. We ‘Don’t’ influence the credit scores based on performance of an individual participant.

MyPowerPlay11 has a strict rule with their deadlines before the beginning of a contest. Before the beginning of a contest, the set time is at ‘One hour; before the start time of an official match, all the featured sports. We don’t allow manipulation in the lineup or change in strategy after the respective match deadline. A strict policy for deadlines promotes a healthy environment and a fair competition to ensure a genuine playing field for all our users.

Employees Strictly Restricted!
Thanks to our strict program policies, MyPowerPlay11 does not allow the employees to be a part of any paid contest that is being held over the platform. We ensure a fair gaming experience by keeping away insiders from it.
MyPowerPlay11 has a zero tolerance policy for violating the terms of Fair Play.
  • MyPowerplay doesn’t tolerate violations and will immediately block the account of users who are caught violating our Fair Play terms.
  • Further, in other cases, the total funds collected by the users over their wallet with MyPowerPlay11 will be reduced to ‘Zero’ if found violating the terms.

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