How to Play Fantasy Cricket ?

MyPowerPlay11 is played by using your sport knowledge and skill. You can pick your own team made up of real players for Cricket. Create your team within a maximum budget of 100 credits. Your team earns points based on your chosen players' performance in the real-life matches. It's time to showcase your skill and go for glory.

Follow these easy steps to get started:
Select A Match:

Select any of the upcoming matches from any of the current or upcoming cricket series, & Click on “CREATE A TEAM” button.

Create your MyPowerPlay11 team by picking 11 players as per the following combinations within a budget of 100 credits.

Player Type Minimum Maximum
WKT 1 4
BAT 3 6
ALL 1 4
BOWL 3 6


Create Your Team:

Use your sports knowledge and showcase your skills to create your MyPowerPlay11 team within a budget of 100 credits.
There are 4 categories for selecting player.
WKT- Wicket Keeper
BAT- Batsman
ALL- All Rounder
BOWL- Bowler
Check player info by clicking on the player image.
Sort players as per their teams, credits or points.

• Select your MyPowerPlay11 team’s MPP Player, Captain & Vice Captain
• After creating your
MyPowerPlay11 team, choose a MPP Player, Captain & Vice Captain for the team.
• MPP – Get 2.5x points scored by him in the actual game.
• Captain - Gets 2x points scored by him in the actual game.
• Vice Captain - Gets 1.5x points scored by him in the actual game.

Creating multiple teams:
You can create upto 7 teams per match and choose to join a contests with any of the teams created,
Click on 'CREATE A TEAM ‘ for creating next team.

• Join a Contest:
Join any MyPowerPlay11 Practice or cash contest to win cash and the ultimate bragging rights to showoff your improvement in the Skill contests on MyPowerPlay11.

• Follow the Match:
Watch the real match update on scoreboard and track your fantasy scorecard.
• Withdrawal your Winnings:

Withdraw your winnings from your MyPowerPlay11 account


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