MyPowerplay11 | Legalities:

MyPowerPlay11 respects the regulations and rules of the central and state legislation of India. The safety of our users is fully protected as online fantasy sports are a completely legal practice around the world, except certain states.

The MyPowerPlay11 online gaming application is strictly based on the skills of the users. Our fantasy cricket game is more focused on the strategy of the participants rather than their luck.


As per the regulations chalked out by Indian High Court’s, games that require skill are legal. MyPowerPlay11 is entirely a game of ‘skill’ and does not rely on the ‘probability’ of events to decide a winner. Every contest, which runs on our platform is designed to generate results, complying with the constitutional law in India.


The services offered by MyPowerPlay11 allow the participants to have their own set of playing 11 and 3 substitutes from the pool of players in an upcoming match. The participants of the game are allowed to arrange batting and bowling orders as per their devised cricketing strategy, making it a game of skill, knowledge, and practice.


However, certain states in India prohibit the execution of a ‘game of skills’. The list of states includes Sikkim, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, and Nagaland. The listed states make it unclear to hold a  pay-to-play contest. Therefore, we don’t allow players from these five states to participate in such matches.


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