All the user information collected and stored by MyPowerPlay11 are collected voluntarily by the participants of the platform. Besides this, every information collected by the MyPowerPlay11 team on behalf of the users is safe and limited to controlled database. 


For additional security on the data collected by MyPowerPlay11, the database is protected by an encrypted firewall. The access to which is strictly limited and password-protected to ensure the safety of the highest order. However, it should be noted that in case some information is leaked despite such effective security measures, MyPowerPlay11 cannot be held liable as there is no security that is impenetrable or inaccessible despite the best security measures. In addition to this, the user information can be obstructed amid the transfer of the information over the internet. Further, any sort of user information shared by the user amid the time of discussion over the site is public and can be easily accessed by anyone with Internet access.


Privacy Policy Updates: holds all the rights to review, modify, or change the privacy policies of the site, with changes or modifications in context of the adaptive internet policies. However, the usage of user information collected will stay consistent with the policy under which the information was collected, regardless of what the new policy may be.


Third-party app & data sharing: is a platform that has several tie-ups with third-party vendors and third-party advertisers that provide ads to the users at the time of their visit to our fantasy sports platform. These third-party advertisers might use the user information (excluding personal details like name, address, phone number etc.) for analyzing and tracking the user visits to this and other websites, in order to understand the user interests, and then provide goods, services and other advertisements on the basis of user interests. However, it should be noted that MyPowerPlay11will never disclose, share, or reveal the personal information or the identity of the user collected at the time of registration to the third-party advertisers. 


Several fraudulent emails, websites, blogs etc. often including the photos, logos, links, content, or any other information associated with MyPowerPlay11 fantasy sports platform, may or are circulating on the Internet and claim to be from or associated with Such fraudulent emails, websites, blogs etc. might often ask the users to share their personal details including (but not limited to) like login name, password etc. 


In addition, these fraudulent websites, emails, blogs etc. might even demand the credit or debit card details of the user by convincing them about winning bonus amounts. Such emails, blogs, websites etc. are not associated with MyPowerPlay11 in any manner, and our fantasy sports platform shall not be held responsible in an event any of the users reply to such emails or blogs or share any information with them., strongly recommends the users not to trust, and respond to such ails, blogs, websites etc. and also not to share any credit /debit card details with them.


Lastly, Any doubts or comments with respect to this Privacy Policy can be sent to  


Collecting User Information From Social Media Platforms:


Our team at MyPowerPlay11 also collects certain user information from social media platforms such as Facebook and Google, in order to help the users create an account on the MyPowerPlay11 platform. The information collected by our team is stored in the database of MyPowerPlay11 and further displayed in the Profile section of the user in order to provide an identification of the user to both the platform authorities and other users of the site. 


The information collected from the aforementioned social mentioned platforms include:

ID: The “Id” here refers to a unique identification number assigned to each of the users availing the services of social media platforms. The ID collected by MyPowerPlay11 platform is only used for identification purpose and to avail certain services of the same. 


Email ID: The email id of users using Facebook and Google services is collected by MyPowerPlay11 after they register themselves at our platform, using either of the aforementioned social media platforms. The email id collected by our team from such social media platforms is used to be displayed in the user profile section of the individual using MyPowerPlay11 services.


First Name & Last Name: MyPowerPlay11 also collects the First name and the last name of the individual registering on our platform through the aforementioned social media platforms. The first name and last name collected are used to be displayed in the user profile section of the individual to validate them as a verified user of MyPowerPlay11.


DOB (Date Of Birth): The MyPowerPlay11 platform also collects the Date of Birth of users registering under us. When the individuals register themselves using either Facebook or Google, MyPowerPlay11 collects their DOB to identify the age of the user and testify whether the user registering with the platform is an adult & liable to use the services provided on the platform.

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